The inverted spectrum problem would not work in zombie philosophy because it depends upon a concept of `internal seeing’. This concept is found not only in academic (human) philosophy, but also in imaginative literature and film. In the `Terminator’ science-fiction films, for example, we are occasionally given a `robot’s-eye view’ of the world, in which the bottom portion of the screen is filled up with various readouts: distance to target, velocity and the like. As human viewers of the film this device makes sense to us, because we can conceive of a kind of `internal seeing’ in which we can look at the readouts while we also look at the world. This imaginative device could make no sense[z] at all to zombies, because the idea of `internally seen’ readouts has no zombie analogue or purpose. (с)

Никогда не думал о Терминаторе в этом ключе. Но действительно, нафига ему это «внутреннее зрение»?