The key question is what distinguishes conscious representations from non-conscious representations. My answer is that conscious representations can only be representations in relation to a locus of perspectival origin (the core self, I!) within a global volumetric medium. In the retinoid theory of consciousness, this is retinoid space. Moreover, this (retinoid) brain space *must* be innate because organisms have no sensory transducers to detect the space they live in. I might add that contra arguments by some (I have argued this issue with Aaron Sloman), such a coherent volumetric space CANNOT be constructed via learning. Consciousness depends on the evolutionary emergence of a system of brain mechanisms that can provide an innate internal representation of the space a creature lives in, from its own privileged egocentric perspective (e.g., a retinoid system). Activation of this neuronal space alone generates a primitive phenomenal experience of an “empty” world that will subsequently be enriched by the excitatory input of sensory patterns from the non-conscious sensory modalities. (c)

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