6ое издание между прочим, не хухры-мухры. APA Publication Manual (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) — это руководство по написанию текстов для наук об «обществе и поведении». Руководство состоит из 7 глав:

  • Chapter 1: Writing for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
    Chapter 1 describes the role of ethics in publishing and offers guidance in following best practices for compliance.
  • Chapter 2: Manuscript Structure and Content
    Chapter 2 defines all parts of a scholarly manuscript, from title to appendix, emphasizing both function and form. It ends with sample papers for users to model.
  • Chapter 3: Writing Clearly and Concisely
    Chapter 3 offers basic guidance on planning and writing the article. It advises readers on how to organize their thoughts, choose effective words, and describe individuals with accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Chapter 4: The Mechanics of Style
    Chapter 4 instructs readers on the nuts and bolts of style: punctuation, spelling, capitalization, abbreviations, numbers, and statistics in text. It demonstrates that consistency in their use is key to clear scientific communication.
  • Chapter 5: Displaying Results
    Chapter 5 describes the effective use of graphic elements in text. It provides readers with guidance on which graphic element is best suited to the data being delivered as well as detailed instruction on table and figure preparation.
  • Chapter 6: Crediting Sources
    Chapter 6 provides guidance on reference citation. It instructs readers on when and how to cite references in text and on how to construct a reference list that contains everything readers need to locate each source.
  • Chapter 7: Reference Examples
    Chapter 7 offers a comprehensive set of reference examples for readers to model. It demonstrates the reference components that readers need to locate the work, with an emphasis on electronic sources.
  • Chapter 8: The Publication Process
    Chapter 8 provides an overview of the journal publishing process. It delineates author and publisher responsibilities in manuscript review, selection, and preparation

Как следует из оглавления, руководство не ограничивается вопросами форматирования текста. Тут все — от этических принципов, до того, как запятые расставлять и цитаты оформлять.

Из новинок нам обещают:

  • a complete reorganization to facilitate ease of use
  • simplified APA heading style to make it more conducive to electronic publication
  • updated guidelines for reducing bias in language, including a new section on presenting historical language that is inappropriate by present standards
  • new instruction on using supplemental files containing lengthy data sets and other media
  • significantly expanded content on the electronic presentation of data
  • consolidated information on all aspects of reference citations, with an expanded discussion of electronic sources emphasizing the role of the digital object identifier (DOI) as a reliable way to locate information
  • a thorough update on guideline changes in recording all types of information: reporting inferential statistics, abbreviating commonly-used terms, citing material from new
    media, etc.
  • updated and expanded web presence at www.apastyle.org—includes the ability to look up important supplemental material, test one’s knowledge of APA Style®, learn about the new updates to the Sixth Edition, sign up for an on-line course to enhance understanding of APA Style®, examine additional resources and submission standards, and much more

Впрочем, отечественных публикаций это, к сожалению не коснется.  Почему к сожалению? Потому что каждый редактор пытается придумать какие-то свои, кажущиеся ему правильными стандарты. Даже когда пишут, что нужно «в стиле APA», обычно под этим подразумевают какое-то свое видение стиля APA, не согласующееся с этим мануалом.  Кстати, радует комплексный подход америакнцев к делу — вместе с самим мануалом выходят также руководства для преподавателей и для студентов и мини-справочник. И это не столько выманивание денег, сколько дань необходимости, благо предыдущее издание было 8 лет назад.